Whenever anyone picks up my bag they ask me “What do you have in here – bricks?!”.

I’ve always dreamed of having a light bag. Haven’t you?


Hi!  I’m on a mission to simplify my life.

I started decluttering four years ago and haven’t stopped since: each year I let go of more and more possessions.

My goal is to be able to transport all of my possessions single-handedly, as the Japanese advise. I believe this will give me more freedom, flexibility and space – both in my home and in my mind.

Letting go of unnecessary possessions is the first step to simplifying life, however our habits, activities, mental patterns etc. are the biggest things to change if we want to live simply and easily.

Follow me on my journey to a simpler life!


I move from London to the South of France for one year of studies. I live in a small room with a bed, a desk and a chest of drawers. I have taken only a few possessions with me.

I read the French book L’Art de l’Essentiel by Dominique Loreau (unfortunately not translated into English), which describes the beauty of living with less. I am greatly inspired.


I am back in London and live in my small family apartment in central London. I have so many clothes that the drawers break and I can barely force them shut. I decide to sort everything out and end up getting rid of 70% of my clothes.

It feels so good that in the following months I sort out everything else: books, notebooks, gadgets.

Bags of unwanted possessions cover the whole bedroom floor. It takes us several car trips to take everything to a charity shop.

I feel light and free.


I move to the South of France indefinitely. I move with one suitcase and live with only these possessions for several months.

However, every time I return to London, I bring a suitcase full of things to my new French home.


I have no more possessions left in London, apart from a box of diaries and childhood memories. But now my French home contains more than I need. I sort out my possessions regularly, making frequent trips to charity shops to get rid of my things.

My hoarding weakness: books, magazines and papers.

End 2013

Next month, I am moving out of my house. I want the move to go as easily as possible, and I also want my next home to contain only the essentials for living. So I am reducing my possessions to as little as possible. I am currently living in a 75 m2 flat. I want to move out with two suitcases and three boxes. Mission optimistic?

January 2014

I have moved into my new flat and have ended up with thirty, and not three, boxes of possessions. But I realise that to reduce any more would actually not be possible given my current lifestyle. I am comfortable and happy with my living space.

June 2014

I realise that simplicity lies not only in possessions but in activities, too. I have decided to simplify my life by putting some of my projects on hold. With many changes happening in work, living situation and relationships, it is wisest for me to look after my health and well-being by making some time space in my life. For this reason I am putting My Light Bag on hold for an indefinite period of time. To find out more, read here.


16 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you very much. I agree with you completely – making space in the mind is the most important thing. I believe there are many steps we can take in order to do this, and getting rid of material clutter is one of them.

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  2. I didn’t realized that it was YOUR blog! I just get it and I am truly amazed. I think it’s a fantastic place to get inspiering ideas and a kick in the xx to start lightening my own bag. Starting today with few books next step will be my clothes and my emails and … there is so many things!
    Read you soon

    • I am glad you enjoyed reading the blog! Good luck with the deluttering! I hope it will help you make space and lighten your bag! Start with one thing at a time and the rest will follow. Bisous

  3. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, Gede Prama! I am very happy that you are enjoying reading my blog and I hope it will inspire many wonderful things in your life. It’s nice to connect with like-minded people. blessings, polina

  4. I’m also on a path of decluttering and simplifying, I think I have a tiny hidden minimalist in me 😉 and now I’m working on reducing the clutter to let my minimalist out 😉

  5. Decluttering …. How we need to just get onto it! When we moved into our apartment we barely had spare storage room – with time it has fluctuated! With each garage/yard sale we have annually, more seems to go but the stuff we wanted to keep last year! We just need to bite the bullet and cull things.
    Anyway, love the blog and excited to see what you share!

    • Thank you very much for visiting. Decluttering isn’t easy nor quick (as you have noticed) – it takes time and effort. As long as we keep going at it slowly but surely, we will get the results we hope for. Good luck!

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