Divine Space

You need to create space to let new things come in. Sit with the space. Wait for the Divine to fill it up. Don’t try to fill it up yourself. You’ll fill it with nothing.
~ Cheryl Richardson

Dear friends,

You may have noticed that My Light Bag had gone quiet for a few weeks and I apologise for having left you hanging. The reason why I haven’t been around for a while is this:

My life had gone on overwhelm and I needed to hit the stop button.

I was heading for burnout with all the work, voluntary, creative and personal projects I had going on, and could no longer deal with everything. There simply wasn’t enough time in the day, nor enough energy, to manage everything. I had to stop everything apart from the essentials in order to recharge my batteries and get some clarity back.

You see, I had always thought that time was there to be filled. I was terrified of having nothing to do. Mortified of not having a plan for every hour of the day. Scared witless off free time. I always believed that I should be productive, and should be working, creating, learning or helping every minute of the day.

So I filled up my day so much that, despite having few external obligations, I was always exhausted at the end. It felt like I always had more and more things on my ‘to-do’ list. I reached a point where my concentration and passion disappeared, and frustration and exhaustion took over.

I was blessed to hear Cheryl Richardson‘s message at a key time and to realise that I needed to stop. To give myself permission to do less. Or even nothing at all. This included stopping blogging, no matter how much I love it, for the sake of health and sanity.

I took Cheryl’s advice and stopped. For the first time in a very long time. And the effect has been astounding. My head is clearer, my heart is lighter and my soul is more joyful. I am finding new energy, new perspectives and new ideas. But most importantly, I am giving myself the space to listen to what the Divine has to tell me, instead of arrogantly thinking that I have all the answers and solutions.

I have also learnt a very important lesson: living simply isn’t just about living with fewer material possessions. It has  quite a lot to do with making space in our daily activities, too.

At the moment I am going through many changes in work, in relationships and most crucially – changes in myself and my life projects. For this reason, I need to take a break from even those projects that I hold close to heart like blogging, in order to make space for all these changes to blossom beautifully, rather than stressfully.

I will be back again soon and I look forward to continuing my simple-living journey with you.

All my love

Have you ever had a time in life when you needed to press the stop button? What were the results?


6 thoughts on “Divine Space

  1. Hope your pause is going well. I have taken several pauses in life … and it is all good 🙂
    Take the time to be, love … and marinate!
    Val x

  2. Yes. I pressed the button and stopped! I find it actually that straightforward. In fact I schedule a breathe out section as part of what I do anyway so I don’t go into overwhelm. If it happens still I either meet it head on or simply…stop.
    Don’t think of it as abnormal. It happens. it’s life and it has it’s cure as you are finding out.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, it definitely has healing properties. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to stop for a while. It’s giving me energy and clarity. See you soon!

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