Throw URGH Away

Have you ever sighed a huge ‘URGH’ of frustration when walking into a room, or opening a cupboard, or seeing the documents on your laptop?

This is the ‘URGH’ of “There’s so much crap that I must take care of but I don’t know where to start”; the URGH of  “I can’t face simplifying, but I just can’t carry on living like this”.

pile of clothes


The URGH of a dirty kitchen.

The URGH of a pile of documents.

The URGH of a chaotic wardrobe.

The URGH of small trinkets all over the place.

This URGH weighs us down, makes us cranky and sensitive, puts us in a bad mood, decreases our concentration, makes us depressed.

Why go through all this for possessions that aren’t necessary? For things that are not vital? For stuff that is of no importance?

Why ruin our days, our lives, for things we don’t even need? Why put ourselves through this discomfort and unhappiness by choice?

When we choose to buy excess things, we choose URGH.

When we choose not to throw away our junk, we choose URGH.

When we decorate our homes with more and more, we choose URGH.

Let’s throw URGH away.

The only weight we should have in our lives is the weight of a wallet full of money not spent on crap.

Let’s choose lightness everywhere else.

woman holding balloons



8 thoughts on “Throw URGH Away

  1. I agree that examining our feelings about the weight of our possessions is so important. Beyond not needing a lot of stuff….is a knowledge of what we truly do need. It’s so much harder to find the secrets of your heart when there is baggage weighing you down.

    • I completely agree. When we’re overwhelmed by excess, we cannot see our true needs and desires, because we’re so wrapped up in taking care of stuff, rather than our lives.

  2. Yes, yes, yes and yes!
    Yes, I have a little but of URGH all around. Yes, it weights me down. Yes, to shedding the URGH. And YES to living a lighter life 😉

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