In my Moment of Drugged Consumer Bliss

I wanted to buy it before I’d even seen it. I knew it would be there. I even knew I’d want to buy it. I knew the longing I’d feel for it.

I was just browsing, killing some time while waiting for a friend to arrive. I say ‘killing’, but secretly I was glad. Glad that I had twenty minutes to spend in a bookshop, finding my new love.

flicking through bookAnd I knew exactly what my new love was. I found it almost immediately, without even having to look for it. It was on display in front of the escalator. I smiled, picked it up – OK, I’ll be honest, I snatched  it up. I stroked the cover, skimmed through the blurb, flicked through the pages, smelt the paper and read a couple of paragraphs.

And suddenly, I felt better. I felt so good that I wanted this book, needed it to continue to give me this feeling of bliss. I was ready to run with it to the till (I only had five minutes left until my friend arrived).

holding stack of booksThing is, I already had an unread book in my bag. And I had dozens more at home. I had books on a similar topic that I’d started reading but hadn’t yet finished. I had books I’d borrowed from friends but still hadn’t read. I had magazines waiting to be opened. I had more than enough to read but I still wanted more.


In my moment of drugged consumer bliss I fell for yet another new thing. It wasn’t a pulse of intuition pushing me to run to the till, it was a pulse of consumer madness.

I hesitated, book in hand. I wanted it so much, but realised it would be hypocritical to buy a book on simple living while cluttering my own home. With some disappointment, I put the book down.

“It can wait,” I told myself  “It will be here when you need it”.

I walked away with a full purse, a light bag and a light conscience.



6 thoughts on “In my Moment of Drugged Consumer Bliss

  1. Good for you! I’ve been clearing out bookshelves (reading and donating books) rather than buying new books. It’s a good feeling.

    • Books are so difficult to get rid of and to stop buying! I’ve given myself a rule: if I don’t see myself reading a book more than once, I get rid of it.

  2. I did something similar yesterday in a charity shop, eyeing 3 books I wanted to buy – unfortunately I succumbed slightly to temptation, and bought one of them, the one I thought I would enjoy most and that was the least similar to the books I already have. I can’t stop myself from buying books altogether yet!

    • I’m the same – books are my weakness! Problem is: I buy so many that I don’t have time to read them all! So now I’m making sure I read what I have before buying more. Well done for resisting!

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