Guest Post: Simple Living Gives Us Freedom to be Anything

Every week I invite a fellow simple-liver to tell us about their lifestyle.
This week, Hardik tells us about the magic of a less cluttered life.

Hardik Nagar is a nineteen-year old student in the school of life. His passions include volunteering (with Rotaract), leadership, mentoring, public speaking, coaching and lifting people up to their highest potential. He writes about minimalism and simplicity at and can also be contacted via Twitter @hardiknaagar.

How would you describe your simple-living lifestyle?

It is magical. I won’t say it’s good or bad. I won’t judge it on those terms. In any breaking free freedom jumpingcase, it is truly magical. It really is so beautiful when you realize that you’re so much more than all the clutter, both physical and mental. You suddenly now have this freedom to do anything and be anything. And that is gorgeous.

 What was the one significant moment that made you realise you needed to simplify?

It was always about addiction for me. I bought something and after few days I didn’t like it anymore so then I wanted to buy something new. It was an ugly and a vicious cycle, to be honest. And then, one day, I questioned myself on what I was doing. The funny thing is that people often wait for some kind of realization to dawn upon them automatically. It doesn’t work like that. You have to continuously ask questions. You have to make an effort.

Have you had any important realisations about your past consumerist habits?

One thing I realised which changed everything is that I was trying to buy emotions. I associated products with security, comfort and love, and I thought that’s how I’d feel when I bought this or that thing. Sounds shocking but that’s actually what most people are up to. That’s what we try to do unconsciously. I realized it after I stopped purchasing completely. And that completely changed how I see stuff and emotions.

 What has been the biggest positive effect(s) on you through living a simpler life?

You get a sense of freedom; one which was not there until then. The very moment you breaking free from chains birdsdecide to simplify your life, you break from the shackles of consumerism. And you feel a new defining energy running within you. Once you see beyond the lies of consumerism, you will take that leap of faith. You’ll do what you love. You’ll want to become what you always wanted to. You’ll be yourself, with love, kindness and compassion.

Any words of recommendation for those thinking of simplifying?

People often make the mistake of focusing just on physical stuff when simplifying. Always remember, there is no point of a clean cupboard if there is tons of clutter in your mind. Simplifying your material things is crucial. But focus on mental, emotional and spiritual simplifying as well. What’s the point of outside simplicity if your being is not in synchronization with it?

 Can you relate to Hardik’s story?


12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Simple Living Gives Us Freedom to be Anything

  1. That’s quite a way to put it, and hearing it, I can see the truth in it for myself and probably a lot of other people too. We’re not just buying stuff, we’re trying to buy emotions.
    We’re trying to buy happiness or comfort.
    I just heard about a medical study of emotions. Evidently most emotions actually only last one or two minutes. Then for some of us are mind takes over and imagination keep the effects of that emotion alive for a long time not always helping us.
    Maybe that’s why I come home from the store with my new prizes only to be disappointed pretty soon.

    • Yes, I recently discovered this buying emotion thing myself. And it drastically reduced my consumption. I realised my foolish thoughts and the fact that no matter what I buy, I cannot buy a state of mind!

  2. Beautiful interview. He took a whole sackful of thoughts and emotions and clearly articulated his very being to the rest of us. My soul resonates with thoughts of simplicity.

  3. “…focus on mental, emotional and spiritual simplifying as well. What’s the point of outside simplicity if your being is not in synchronization with it?” – I really resonated with this, it’s like he took the words out of my mins! Living in accordance with our true nature is so much about discovering what truly matters to us in life, in it’s simplest form, and seeing where it takes us.

    • It’s usually the mental clutter that’s the most challenging to get rid of. I’ve simplified my material life, now it’s time to simplify my mind!

      • For me, focusing on my breath is the best go-to for clearing my head- it’s so simple, I mean we overestimate how powerful breathing can be. And you’ve already accomplished something that most people don’t in their entire lives…I’m sure your journey will inspire many others!

  4. Thank you for such a lovely opportunity, Polina!

    One of the most beautiful find of mine in this community, you’re. For sure.

    Keep in touch. I have things planned for you on my blog!

    Cheers and love. 🙂

    • It’s a great pleasure for me to share fellow bloggers’ wisdom! After all, our simple living journey helps others find their way, too. I really enjoy your blog and am very happy to be part of the blogging community with you. All the best

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