The problem is: my clothes are OK

I have a problem: the majority of my clothes are OK. I recently tried out items that I hadn’t worn in over a year and asked my partner to rate them on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being amazing. He gave a 3 to 99% of them.

I believe that the hardest things to decide on are those ‘OK’ items we own. Why? Because ‘OK’ is like ‘maybe’: it’s neither a thumbs up or a thumbs down. It’s neither great, no awful. It’s stuck in between, leaving you uncertain what to do with it. It’s not crap enough to throw out, but it’s not great enough to enjoy using it. You feel guilty for getting rid of it because it’s not so bad, after all, but you’re not keen on wearing it because it just doesn’t look all that good.

What on earth to do with these in-betweeners?!

I’ve decided the following: I will have an in-betweener shelf of clothes, where I’ll put all these ‘OK’ items. In the meantime, I will proritise wearing things that make me feel truly awesome, but will have these at hand if ever I need (or want) them.

Sometimes, we need time to show us how much we value an object (or not).

woman choosing clothes deciding uncertain

Do you have any in-between items that are giving you hassle?


8 thoughts on “The problem is: my clothes are OK

  1. I have lots of “OK” clothes ~ I tend to wear them around the house while doing housework, etc., because I don’t like them enough to worry about them.

    I wear clothes I really love when heading out and about.

    I rarely throw clothes away. I donate what I no longer wish to wear to Goodwill. They sell it to raise money for programs for people with disabilities. No guilt! And what they can’t sell, they recycle.

    • Yes, I do the same – although I recently realised that my ‘home’ clothes take up more space than my outdoor clothes! I donate my clothes, too, or give them to friends.

  2. That’s a great idea to put the middling items somewhere else. I’ve tried something like that and then gone one step further: any of those not used in a long while get released so someone else can enjoy them.
    It seems to help a little.

  3. I used to have clothes that were “just OK”. But then I donated them. Why? When I wear clothes I LOVE, it does something special for me. Makes me happy, gives me confidence, and suddenly I have some more pep in my step! Why settle for less! (And make the decision on what to keep/donate on how the clothes make YOU feel, not your husband).

    • I feel the same way: I feel great when wearing clothes I love, but somehow lose energy and confidence wearing things I don’t really like. I asked my partner to help me out because I already knew these clothes rated ‘ok’ for me, so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an item in there he absolutely loved to see me wear. Turns out we have similar taste 😉

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