Simple Things I Used to Take for Granted

There are so many things in our daily life that we take for granted. We’ve got used to these things; we feel as if they’re a right, not a privilege. Since breaking my wrist and not being able to do anything with my left hand for a month now, I’ve realised how many simple things from our daily lives are actually blessings; they bring us joy every day and we don’t even notice!

Here are the blessings I look forward to having again when my wrist heals:

baking cooking cake

Cooking. I love making a delicious meal, especially if it’s dinner for my family. I love trying new recipes and inventing new ones.I feel like I’ve lost a means of expression and creation by not being able to peel, cut and grate (or even open a can of tomato sauce).


girl riding bike

Cycling. Ah, the joy of riding a bike on a warm spring afternoon…too dangerous for a girl with fragile bones.


manicure silver nail polish

Manicure. Neat nails are an essential part of a woman’s hygiene. But we need two hands to do a manicure!


woman shower washing hair

A proper shower. Having a shower with one hand isn’t easy. Or enjoyable. I can’t wait to be able to scrub and exfoliate properly again!


elegant style

Wearing normal clothes. For a month I couldn’t fit my cast into a sleeve. So I had to wear t-shirts and my partner’s baggy hoodies wherever I went. Not my usual style. At all. My new pretty shirts still have their price tags on.


typing laptop pretty nails

Typing. Ever tried typing with one hand? It’s slower and more laborious. Sometimes, I think ‘urgh’ when I realise I have to type something, because what was once natural with ten fingers has now become an effort five only five.



Multitasking. I usually multitask while I’m on the phone. I make tea, check e-mails and tidy up while waiting for customer service to answer. I can also quickly get any paper or information they need. With one hand I must simply wait for them to pick up and have all my documents ready in advance!


waitress carrying tray with drinks

Carrying more than one thing at once. It takes a while for me to bring back the plates and glasses and food and seasoning from the dinner table…


yoga on beach

Yoga. Probably the saddest thing about having a broken wrist. I can live without manicures, I can accept wearing baggy clothes, I can even enjoy being cooked for. But not being able to do yoga?! I feel like my body has aged by ten years since I’ve stopped stretching and twisting and moving.

 Do YOU take any daily blessings for granted?


4 thoughts on “Simple Things I Used to Take for Granted

  1. Wishing you speedy healing. I broke my foot some years back and was in an air cast for 10 weeks. Gratitude for the small things in life came from that experience.

  2. Fantastic post . . . especially since you probably typed it with one hand! I’ve had one arm out of commission for a few days, but never for as long as you.

    Everything from brushing my hair to brushing my teeth had to be handled in a different way. S~L~O~W going!

    Glad you’re allowing yourself TIME to heal.

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