The house needs hoovering? Oh well.

I’ve had a broken wrist for two weeks and have had to learn new ways of looking at things, and by things I really do mean things.

You see, I can’t cook or clean or do the dishes or fold clothes or hang up the washing. One of my arms is immobile for six weeks in a plaster cast. So the activities I usually do regularly to ensure cleanliness and order in my home are impossible to me now. My partner takes care of these things when he’s at home, but let’s just say that my lack of contribution to home chores is nevertheless visible.

The things that I would usually tidy or wash or clean or put away, I now have to leave alone. And I understood within the first few days of being ‘house chore-free’ that all I can do to do have a serene and peaceful six weeks is….to say “Oh well”.

The dishes are dirty? Oh well, I can’t do them anyway.

There are clothes lying around in random places? Oh well, I can’t put them away anyway.

The washing has been ‘drying’ for four days? Oh well, I can’t fold it anyway.

The shutters have been closed all day in the bedroom? Oh well, I can’t open them anyway.

This ‘oh well’ attitude is surprisingly therapeutic! Instead of fretting over having a perfectly ordered home every day, I shrug the imperfection off and occupy myself with other activities. In this way, I also accept my partner’s way of doing things around the house and show him gratitude for all he does without demanding him to do things my way.

‘Oh well’ may just be the best treatment for perfectionism!

The house needs hoovering? Oh well.

The house needs hoovering? Oh well.


11 thoughts on “The house needs hoovering? Oh well.

  1. I hope your wrist is feeling better! I know all to well about the “oh well” feeling. As time goes on, I really could care less about the small things. I focus more on the important things in life and being a minimalist sure makes it easier. -:)

    • Lol I understand, I used to think that way, too. But I realised that in order to heal properly, keep calm and enjoy the process, I needed to let go of always wanting to get things done. I’m now focusing my energy on what I can do with one hand: reading, writing and drinking tea 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you had the injury. Glad to hear it’s leading toward your liberation. So many teachers say to “let go” and what better place to start than with the standards we ourselves set?

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