You Have Enough

Yes, that’s right. You have enough. Enough comfort, because you can read this post using a computer and the internet. Enough luxury, because you can indulge in your interest for blogging. Enough safety, because you are reading a blog about cultivating a higher quality of life. Enough education, because you can read, use the internet and follow your curiosity for various topics. Enough money, because you can pay for electricity, the internet, a computer, food and a shelter. And guess what…? You have enough stuff!

Yes, that’s right. If you are reading a blog about simple living and decluttering, it means you have enough stuff. It may even mean that you have too much. And you must fully understand and grasp this: I have enough, I have all that I need. This is the first step to lighter living.

I am currently staying in London, where there are material temptations everywhere. Every time I walk out of my house, I see pretty things to buy. A few years ago, I would have been walking into every shop that caught my eye and trying every dress that I pictured myself looking cute in. I would come up with excuses for why I absolutely had to buy yet another item of clothing. Now, whenever this desire arises, I simply say to myself ‘I have enough. I don’t need anything more’. And I walk by.

How liberating it is to realise that we have enough! That we have all that we need! That our lives are satisfying with all we have already! That we are blessed to have such abundant material safety and comfort!

If you struggle with overspending, tell yourself “I have enough”, and instead of buying, pray. Say thank you to the universe, God or life for giving you enough material support to live a life of safety and comfort. Amen!

abundance is not something we acquire it's something we tune into wayne dyer quote


2 thoughts on “You Have Enough

  1. Wonderful message. When I was younger (before I lightened my load), I would walk into a store, see something I liked, and (often, if the price was right), buy it.

    Now, I see things and say, “Oh, that’s cute/lovely/charming” and keep on walking. I get more satisfaction out of packing up stuff to give away than I do buying more stuff.

    Except for food. I love shopping for food. :mrgreen:

    • I was exactly the same. It was almost as if I had to own everything I liked! Now, I own things I need and the rest I simply appreciate aesthetically in the shop window 🙂

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