Is Your Life Out of Whack?

Clutter acts as a fence to our success.
~ Dorothy “The Organizer” Breininger

Coined as ‘America’s most innovative professional organizer’, Dorothy Breininger has created a decluttering programme, Curb the Chaos, to help people get rid of their physical and emotional clutter, and move forward in their lives.

In her free introductory video, she talks about the Point Value System with which we should categorise all of our possessions:

Point Value System:

1. It’s easily replaceable and not a priority

2. Doesn’t exist

3. I don’t know pile

4. More difficult and inconvenient to replace

5. Most important and not negotiable

woman choosing clothes

She also says that we should ask ourselves the following questions about each object when decluttering:

1. Do I love this item?

2. Is there a story behind it?

3. Do I have the space for it?

4. Can it be replaced?

5. Can I rent it or borrow it?

To find out more about the Point Value System and the questions, and to get more great tips and insights on decluttering, watch Dorothy the Organizer’s fascinating video here, where you can also take a clutter quiz!


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