Release the Past for a Fresh New Future

Traveling light and leaving the luggage behind in the west.

“As I unpacked my suitcase at a hotel, I discovered that I had left two of my favourite articles of clothing hanging in a closet at another hotel 2,000 miles away. As I picked up the phone to call the hotel to see if the items had turned up in Lost and Found, I noticed that I was hesitating. I realised I didn’t want to call because I didn’t really want to retrieve the items. One was a sweatshirt given to me yeas ago, and another was a casual shirt I have customarily worn on plane flights. Both felt very old, laden with memories and history I no longer wanted to carry with me. I put down the phone and smiled. I was done with the shirts. They did not belong to me now, and I would not call them back to me.”

~ Alan Cohen, A Deep Breath of Life


2 thoughts on “Release the Past for a Fresh New Future

  1. I “lost” a favorite sweatshirt this week. I didn’t mourn the loss. I accepted the what is.

    As soon as I did, the sweatshirt reappeared. 😀

    • haha fantastic! The sweatshirt wanted to bring you a spiritual lesson! I have also lost things I really loved, but in the end, I realised that life goes on even without them.

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