Know Who You Are to Know What You Need

Before you go shopping, ask yourself the following question: who are you?

multipersonality disorder

Knowing who you are is the key to buying things that you will love, appreaciate and use. We often want to be a million people at once: the serious professional, the the sexy intellectual, the geeky genius, the cool hippy, the modern fashonista. We end up buying clothes, books and gadgets to fulfil each of these personalities. Result? We have a home full of things that we don’t truly want or need or have any use for.

Worst thing is: we feel obliged to use all this stuff that we’ve acquired through our false judgement. We feel obliged to wear clothes that we don’t really feel comfortable in, we feel obliged to read books we don’t find interesting, we feel obliged to use gadgets we have no time for. After all, we still feel we should be intelligent, up-to-date, modern, sexy, fashionable, classy. So we waste time and energy using things we don’t really want and which give nothing to who we truly are.multiple personality disorder

That’s why so often, our possessions don’t fulfil us – because they were not bought with the intention of fulfilling us. We bought them with the intention of satisfying someone else: society, our partner, our family, our friends, our colleagues.

It’s time to shift our thinking from ‘I should’ to ‘I truly want’.


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