Declutter, detox and change your mind

emptying the mind“Intuitively you begin to de-clutter your life. You bag up unwanted, tired clothes for the charity shops. You retreat to the garden and pot pansies despite there being the inevitable threat of frost. You wash the car, clean the windows and have a good sort out.
But do you take a good look at your life, look at the habits/repeat patterns that have held you back year after year? Habits or destructive repeat patterns are often invisible to us so are hard to identify, this is because they affect our thinking and they undermine us. They make us feel comfortable, we get in a comfort zone: ‘Better the devil you know…’
In order to change our thinking, we must ‘change’ our mind, but in order to ‘change’ our mind we must understand what it is that isn’t working; when something isn’t working it is a clear sign that something needs to give.”
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