Strive for Comfort and Harmony

In the last post I mentioned that I had around 30 boxes of possessions during my move, instead of the ‘two suitcases and three boxes’ I had wanted.

Why was I not able to reduce my possessions more?

1. Lack of time

Sorting out our things takes time. And the less we have, the harder it is to part with our possessions. When we live in excess, we can easily let go of clothes, books, papers, CDs, old hobby materials. When we live with almost the essentials, cutting down further is very difficult because we need to really know who we are in order to possess only the things that are suitable for the life we desire.

what_to_wear-621x351Sorting out possessions is challenging and takes time because of the decisions you have to make for each thing you own. Do I keep it? Do I want it? Do I need it? Can I give it to someone? Can I donate it or sell it? Where can I store it for the time being?

Asking myself these questions during the move would have been counter-productive and would have made it impossible for me to move within the given time limits.

2. Inappropriate goal for my lifestyle

My lifestyle requires a certain amount of things. For example, I require very different types of clothes for all my activities: work, social outings, outdoor and mountain sports, and beach gear. I cannot reduce these drastically because in some areas of life I already own exactly what I need for the lifestyle I lead.

Lessons learnt from the move: do not try to limit yourself to a certain amount of possessions. Instead, strive for comfort, harmony and practicality in all the things that surround you.

relaxing at home


5 thoughts on “Strive for Comfort and Harmony

  1. Very true. I have been going through a semi-constant purging process in the past few months and I still don’t feel comfortable with the amount of stuff I got rid of. It’s not the number of items, really. It’s how we feel 🙂 Thank you for the reminder!

  2. When clearing clutter, I ask: “If this item had NOT come into my life, would I have missed it?”

    If the answer is “NO” . . . it’s easier to let it go.

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