My Life in 30 Boxes

Last week-end I moved into my new flat and have been spending the past few days unpacking boxes.

Before the move, I wanted to reduce my possessions down to just two suitcases and three boxes. Once I started packing, I  realised that this wouldn’t be possible. My current lifestyle does not allow me to live with such few possessions. I ended up with (approximately):

  • two big boxes of clothes
  • four boxes of books
  • one box of notebooks
  • two boxes of desk things (stationery, paper, etc.)
  • three boxes of bath and beauty things
  • five boxes of kitchen things
  • several boxes and bags of random stuff I don’t use much (rollerblades, board games, snorkels, badminton rakcets…)
  • several boxes of IT gear belonging to my partner

Let’s say a total of thirty boxes. This is not the amount I was aiming for, however, to reduce my possessions any further would have meant getting rid of things I actually need and use!

When attempting to lighten our possession load, we should set ourselves  goals, but we must also accept that our goals can sometimes be inappropriate to our lifestyle. We can change and readapt as we go along and we learn from each step.

What’s most important is that we do what is most comfortable, practical and fulfilling for us!

moving boxes couple moving house happy


8 thoughts on “My Life in 30 Boxes

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    Happy New Year !!!!!!! and best wishes for you in 2014 🙂

  2. Well said . . . and packed!

    When we relinquish or renounce the extraneous, we are left with the essential, which cannot be lost. ~ Lama Surya Das

  3. I agree with what you said about changing and readapting goals to fit your lifestyle. If reducing possessions becomes more stressful and burdensome, you’ve reached a point where it’s already unneccessary.

    • Precisely! We must always tune in to what we need for our present situation. Perhaps today, I don’t need to declutter. But maybe in six months this will change. When we focus on the needs of today, our life is easier to manage!

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