I Moved into a Box

Just before Christmas my partner and I moved out of a spacious house and into a box. A storage box. We packed up our things and locked them away for three weeks. We took three suitcases of things with us and spent three weeks living with family and friends.

How did it feel living with such few possessions? Easy! Only a few changes of clothes, so no hassle in choosing what to wear. Only one book to read and no random junk lying around the place. With so few possessions around me, I had less distractions and I was more concentrated on my immediate reality. Instead of feeling that I should read that new magazine I bought, or iron those dresses in the wardrobe, or sort out those papers on the desk, I spent more time with the people around me rather than the possessions around me.

And I didn’t even have time to miss any of my other things!

It’s nice to do a possession detox every once in a while.



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