Who is Your Lifestyle Hero?

We never have to look far to find our lifestyle hero. It’s not the author of a well-being book we read, or a famous guru or an ancient philosopher. It is someone right next to us – a friend or sibling whose actions, attitudes or character are worthy of taking example of.

I have been trying to live with less for over four years, and wanted to downsize even more during my current move. I spent half a day packing my clothes, books and notebooks, and advised my partner to dedicate the week-end to doing the same with his own things.

He got up and packed all his clothes up…in less than fifteen minutes. And didn’t even fill up a box with them!

My lifestyle hero was right in front of me all this time!

Look at the people around you – who could you take example of and ask for advice? Your gurus are closer to you than you think!



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