Can You Carry All Your Possessions?

One family I know have recently had to move to another city 1000 km away in one night, due to an emergency situation. They had to pack their car up with all they could fit and leave their home in a few hours.

overloaded-carThen, they had to find a way to bring all their remaining things, including furniture, to their new home. This included renting a truck, driving for 8 hours, taking a ferry overnight, spending a day packing the truck, driving everything 1000 km to their new home. And we should add the psychological and emotional worry of being able to get back their possessions.

When I first found out about this situation, I thought of the Japanese belief which says that we should only own as many things as we can transport with our own strength. No car, no truck, just body. I imagined how easy it would be to be able to react to any change or situation with so few possessions! We could move as quickly and easily as we made decisions. We could travel, change job or home, move city or country by just slinging a rucksack over our back and carrying a suitcase or two.

How often the thought of moving or changing has seemed daunting to me because of all the hassle I’d have in transporting my possessions. Isn’t it ridiculous that material things can prevent us from moving forward in life, from undertaking new projects and from realising our dreams?!


Let’s make sure we give ourselves the freedom of movement, by granting ourselves the right to live lightly.



5 thoughts on “Can You Carry All Your Possessions?

  1. Each time we’ve moved, we’ve downsized ~ both the size of our house and the number of our possessions. Last move, we sold all the appliances and almost all the furniture with the house which made for a much easier and less expensive move.

    But we’re not at the rucksack stage . . . yet.

    • That must have felt so freeing and calm – to have fewer and fewer things and no furniture to move! I agree with this philosophy completely, and I prefer living in smaller, but cosier places!

  2. I get it. I am a Cancer… I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I carry my “home” on my back- always. When I pack to stay with a friend, I carry at least four bags (I’m talking for just a few days). Do I need 90% of the stuff? Nope. I just feel safe somehow with my stuff. When I lived in my car, I had waaaaay more than I should have. As I prepare to make another move, I look at all the junk I’ve acquired…. And I’m promising myself that I will donate most of it before I leave. I don’t mean to get so attached to stuff…. I think being rootless and family-less makes me cling to stuff. Somehow makes me feel safe. I envy those like your partner who are so low maintience…

    Good to find your new blog. Will you go back to your other one?

    Wishing you a happy 2014

    • Hey Lindsey. Thank you for visiting my new blog! I understand how you feel completely – our material possessions somehow make us feel more comfortable, more safe, more ‘at home’. As if we’re surrounded by familiar faces. It’s great to let go of our unnecessary things, but we must realise that we will never get to a ‘perfect’ amount (we’re imperfect human beings. after all). Good luck in decluttering and with your move! p.s. I’m not sure whether I’ll be reposting on Love Out Loud…maybe one day in the future…

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