The Doctor Prescribed Tidiness

“Go home, sort out your cupboards, and you’ll feel better,” the doctor told me.

Yes, yes, you read that right! The doctor told me that I would feel better once I sorted out the mess in my house. I complained of fatigue, of stress, of loss of enthusiasm, and the doctor prescribed me a cleaning session.

This advice surprised me a few years go (I was expecting pills and potions!), but now I understand it. Our physical dis-eases are a reflection of our mental ones – sorting out our minds will help us heal our bodies (for more on this, see Heal Your Body, Louise Hay). I was feeling scattered, lost and confused. I was advised to make some order in my life: make some space, throw out the old and organize my material world in order to tidy my mental one.

Every object we own has a belief behind it, and the way we treat our possessions reflects the way we treat our life. Do we throw our things around carelessly, or do we look after them with respect? Do we stuff our papers into hidden boxes, or do we order them and deal with them judiciously? Do we leave dirty dishes and stains, or do we wash up immediately for cleanliness and beauty? Do we groan every time we walk past objects we do not like, or do we get rid of them, creating peace and space?

When we order our lives, respect our possessions and live only with what we love and need, we start living in harmony, calm and clarity.

So, if you’re feeling confused, scattered and unenthusiastic about life – go sort out your cupboards!



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