Base Your Decision on Positive Emotions

Do you find that you have many possessions that you don’t use but you can’t manage to get rid of them? Behind all of these possessions are ‘pest thoughts’.

We would live a light, happy and free life if we only lived with things we wanted, loved and needed. If we lived with things we choose based on positive thoughts. However,  the junk we have in our lives comes from negative thoughts. Can you recognise the following pest thoughts in your inability to let go of things…?

-What if I need it later? (fear)

-It’s a waste of money to throw it away (regret)

-My friend/mum/day/sibling gave it to me (guilt)

-I’ve never used it (guilt/shame)

-It still works, I shouldn’t get a new one (unworthiness)

-Some people don’t have anything, how can I allow myself to give my things away? (guilt, unworthiness)

When you decide whether or not to keep an object you own, notice whether you are basing your decision on positive emotions (love, want, need), or negative ones (fear, guilt, unworthiness, regret).

Follow the positive…and do the same for all your life decisions.

dandelions flying


2 thoughts on “Base Your Decision on Positive Emotions

  1. I concur. To effectively clear clutter, we must change our perspective. Instead of asking: Would I maybe possibly someday want to have this object, article, or knick knack in my life?”

    We can ask: “If this object, article, or knick knack had not appeared in my life . . . would I have missed it?”

    If no . . . let it go. Create space for what matters. Simplify your life.

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