Use Your Favourite Things Now!

Do you always put the good things off for later, for a ‘special occasion’? A favourite dress for a ‘special evening’, a delicious wine for a ‘special dinner’, pretty cutlery for a ‘special guest’? We have a tendency to believe that the special things are in the future, but we don’t realise that today IS that special day and we can use all those special things NOW!

Take a look at children. A child always asks to wear his favourite shoes, or to play with his favourite toys, or to draw with his favourite pencils. A child lives for NOW – he doesn’t have the notion of tomorrow – he wants to make TODAY the best day of his life.

We are always special enough to wear our best clothes, every occasion is good enough for us to look and feel great, every situation is worthy of us using our best and favourite things.

Let’s use, do and BE our best TODAY!baby with crown


4 thoughts on “Use Your Favourite Things Now!

  1. Completely agree. We’ll never use those “special things” if we wait for the perfect moment…and then we’ll even forget to use them. Love the pic!

    • Exactly. I always used to leave my favourite things ‘for later’ and then never ended up using them at all! They always ended up at a charity – so now I use all my things as often as I can – after all, that’s wat they’re there for!

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