Make Room for the New


naked closet

Make room for the new. Clean out your refrigerator; get rid of all those little bits of stuff wrapped in foil. Clean out you closests; get rid of all the stuff you have not used in the last six months or so. If you haven’t used it in a year, definitely get it out of your home. Sell it, trade it, give it away, or burn it.

Cuttered closests mean a cluttered mind. As you clean the closet, say to yourself, “I am cleaning out the closets of my mind.”

Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life


8 thoughts on “Make Room for the New

  1. I agree. There is something about a cluttered closet that does us no worldly good. I have regularly pitched things into a Salvation Army bag or a GoodWill bag with the thought, “Someone else could use this RIGHT NOW. Not maybe in the future. Not maybe when they lose a few pounds, but NOW.” Then out it goes. Something about an uncluttered closet makes us feel a little freer. I’m telling you, there really is something to that! I also think our closets are a great place to start when we begin to embrace simple living. Sounds like you’re off to a great start! 🙂

    • I love your philosophy of saying that someone needs our unneeded things TODAY! What’s the point of keeping things if we don’t use them? Someone else could get joy from them! I sort out my closets regularly.It’s so nice to refresh things!

  2. LOL! That picture could be of me! I boxed up 3/4 of my clothing this weekend as part of my Project 333 commitment. My closet looks pretty empty right now!

      • That’s just it! I’ve made space, but I am striving NOT to acquire newer, better things. If I do buy more stuff, that just puts me back to square one again…of having to box up and get rid of things. Ack!

      • I know what you mean – it’s tempting to think: ‘Ah, I have more space now, so I can buy some new things to fill that space’. I now see my things as a constant flow of in and out – I buy what I need and what I love, I let go of what I don’t need or don’t like. It’s about balance!

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