It is Easy to Let Go of Things

So, I’ve decided to get my possessions down to two suitcases and three boxes. My reason often butts in with this great plan…especially whenever I look around the house and see how much stuff I’m surrounded by.

Whenever the feelings of panic and failure start to rise, I say an affirmation: I find it easy to let go of things.

I’ve only been using affirmations for a couple of weeks and have already discovered their magic. Earlier this week, I met with a colleague and decided to give her the books I have about our profession, which I no longer need. One part of me was eager to give them away, whilst another part tried to dissuade me, giving very convincing arguments such as  “But you spent so much money on those books!” and  “You may need them in the future!”.

I listened to these arguments, took a deep breath and said “I find it easy to let go of things”. I packed the books into a bag and took them to my colleague.

And now I have one less bag of possessions that I don’t need and won’t miss. What’s more, in exchange for the books my colleague bought me coffee and cake. Enough to make me want to give more things away!



2 thoughts on “It is Easy to Let Go of Things

  1. For me, it’s hard to let go of books and my reason was the same as what was yours. I’m slowly letting go of my books by “lending” them to my friends and telling them to keep them as long as they want to. Eventually, I really need to learn how to completely let go!

    • Yes, books are one of the hardest objects to let go of. After all, they last a lifetime! However, as I’ve been moving countries, I’ve realised that books are also the heaviest of things, so I now only keep my true loves – the ones I count on reading again and again.

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