Excess weight for ‘just in case’

Do you ever fill your bag with excess things for ‘just in case’? Medicine, ‘just in case’ you have a headache? Snacks, ‘just in case’ you get hungry? Books, ‘just in case’ you get bored? In the Western world we seem to be afraid of discomfort and boredom and we weigh ourselves down in order to try and prevent finding ourselves in such situations.

Yesterday, I was frantically trying to find a small book to fit into my small handbag for fear of getting bored while waiting for a friend.

No, this time I won’t weigh myself down with unnecessary things, I decided suddenly.

I left with no book and did end up having fifteen free minutes before my friend arrived. So I went for a walk. I got some fresh air. I cleared my mind. I saw a beautiful alley with trees covered in autumn colours. All with a light bag in hand.

And instead of boredom, I met beauty.

Let’s stop trying to control every aspect of our lives, every minute of our day. Let’s embrace the scary idea of being bored…we never know what it may lead us to experience

Let’s leave the excess weight out of our bags. Everything will be fine!


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