Housekeeping Lessons at 2AM

Yesterday, my partner calls me at 2am to say he’s coming home with a colleague, who had one too many drinks and couldn’t get home by himself.

I’d been asleep for almost two hours but at these news I was canonballed out of bed: an unexpected guest! What state is the house in? Is he bathroom clean? Oh no, I left underwear hanging on the door! And I left pages of personal writing left scattered on the living room table.

Lesson 1: Always make sure your house is in a state that would be ready to welcome an unexpected guest.

The next morning – dilemma: all of my clothes are in the room where the guest is sleeping. I had to creep in the dark at 6am and pick out my clothes for the day by touch.

Lesson 2: Always prepare your things the day before, to have a calm and peaceful morning.

I couldn’t fall back alseep after the panic of hosting a guest in a disorganised house. At least it gave me the time to rethink my housekeeping habits…

Calm mornings


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